Bustling In Birmingham: A Local Giveaway!

I love learning to sew in this city. With movements like REV Birmingham and so many local restaurants and shops coming to town, creativity is in the air. I’ve yet to meet someone, or at least discover someone, who is learning to sew like me, but there are so many people creating and coming up with beautiful ideas. My blog is mainly about sewing, but with my new found love for this city it just feels right showing it off. Birmingham, AL has given so much to me these past three years and it just keeps on giving. This past weekend Dwight and I tried yet another new restaurant, Rowe’s Service Station, and it was incredible.

When I realized I wasn’t going to have to buy extra fabric this month I immediately thought “why not do a giveaway?” I mean it has been almost 6 months I’ve been sewing and blogging consistently. That’s something to celebrate! I pondered over prizes and if they would be something I sew, but in reality I know I won’t have time and it wouldn’t be fair to even pretend like I do. SO I’ve decided to do a local giveaway! There will be three winners. Third place will win a gift card to Hop City. Second place will win a gift card to Steel City Pops. First place will win a gift card to Big Bad Breakfast. There’s so many places I’d love to advertise for this giveaway, but I can only pick three. And gift card wise these are the best options. All three are definitely Birmingham favorites of mine.

“How do I enter this giveaway?” you might ask. Well, I’ll make it easy on you. All you have to do is tell me what’s your favorite thing I have sewn so far and why. No need to butter me up, the winners will be picked at random. But if you feel like giving my ego a boost I won’t stop you ;). I’ll announce the winners Monday July 6th. Feel free to comment on the blog or any of my social media pages.

I wish I could have done a bigger giveaway for those of you not located in Birmingham, but this is all I can do right now. Of course if you know at some point you’ll be passing through Birmingham please feel free to enter! I figure this will give me a good taste at doing giveaways. I appreciate all of you who continually stop by and support me! And if this is your first time reading my blog thank you for stopping by too!

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset
Craftsy Skirt
Processed with VSCOcam with kk2 preset
Brigitte Scarf
Margot PJs
Margot PJs
Delphine Skirt
Delphine Skirt
Clemence Skirt
Bird Clemence Skirt
Clemence Skirt
Apple Clemence Skirt
Megan Dress
Megan Dress
Lilou Dress
Lilou Dress
Maxi Cover Up
Maxi Cover-Up
Bow Tie
See Kate Sew Bow Tie

I’ll be posting my Named Alexandria Trousers soon…really I will! And some exciting ideas for DavyMade!

14 thoughts on “Bustling In Birmingham: A Local Giveaway!

  1. Pamela!! :) I love your Bird Clemence skirt. It’s so feminine, and would look great with tons of tops for summer. I am so proud of you for pursuing your dream. You’re doing a great job!!


  2. I love it all!! Especially YOU and what you are doing to make your dream come true. But then I know I’m disqualified since I AM your MOM! 😉😍. I’ve got a better idea! Why don’t I send YOU a little “happy” just for being the daughter I always prayed for. You are one AMAZING lady!!


  3. Your pink Megan dress is amazing! You really confused me for a while because I am about an hour away from Birmingham… but you don’t mean Birmingham in the UK do you!


    • Aw, thank you!! And I wish I meant Birmingham in the UK! If you happen to ever be in Birmingham, AL I’ll send a little gift card your way to compensate for your confusion :) .. and for making me realize I should probably make that clear on the blog post.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. The Lilou dress is probably my favorite…something I would definitely wear myself ;) Dwight’s tie is almost a tie for my favorite though (get it?). I love how you’re using your gifts to create beautiful things for other people…and how that project inspired Liz to sew one for Myles–what a way to spread the creativity bug!


    • Thank you Rebecca! I feel the fanciest and most proud of my work when I look at the Lilou dress. I bet the bow ties secretly inspired you to make yourself some ties for work… I do have a pattern for skinny ties. ;)


  5. So great to see a roundup of all your projects. Be proud lady, really proud.

    As for my favorite, I gotta go with the Megan Dress! You did an awesome job on those sleeves. But the neckline of the Lilou with that fabric puts it into a close second.


  6. Pamela , I love the Clemence Bird Skirt! You are so talented!
    I love all your pieces, but the PJs are a great piece too! I’m all about comfy cozy and pants seem to be so challenging to make so I’m real impressed. !!


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